2010 EANT Conference:

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Recorded October 28-31, 2010
in Asheville, NC
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ET-U00D Full Set of Audio CDs of Recorded Sessions (Price Includes a 20%
Discount - $172.00
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ET-U00M MP3 CD of All Recorded Sessions in the MP3 Audio Format - $139.00
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Individual Sessions Available on Audio CD:

ET-U01ab The Evolving Enneagram - Part 1 (Thursday Evening) - Cynthia
Bourgeault (2 Audio CD - $24.00)
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ET-U02 Opening Meditation - Helen Palmer (Audio CD - $12) Buy Now!

ET-U03ab The Evolving Enneagram - Part 2 (Friday Morning) - Cynthia
Bourgeault (2 Audio CDs - $24)
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ET-U04 Contemplation and the Intuitive Faculty - Helen Palmer  (Audio CD -
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ET-U05 Teaching the Enneagram from the Inside Out - Bill Schafer, Alice Mixer
(Audio CD - $12)
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ET-U06 A Transformative Medthod to Engage the Essential Self - Working
Cognitively with Type Mindsets in One-To-One Settings - Anne Wotring (Audio
CD - $12)
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ET-U08ab Three Centers of Intelligence - David Daniels, Tim Flood, Marion
Gilbert, Curt Spear (2 Audio CDSs $24)

ET-U09ab The Narrative Tradition / Mediation - Helen Palmer / How We
Engage The Panel - Helen Palmer, David Daniels, Terry Saracino (2 Audio CDs

ET-U10 3-Centered Wisdom - Ruth Hill (Audio CD $12.00) BUY NOW!

ET-U11 Living from the Heart - Himayati Inayati (Audio CD $12.00) BUY NOW!

ET-U12 Short Takes: Strategies for Typing Clients to Facilitate Self-Inquiry -
David K. Banner / Weaving Teaching and Facilitation - Leslie Hershberger /
Leadership in Managing Change - Vibha Gosselin, Jerome Virouleau / Somatic
Awareness - Peter O'Hanrahan (Audio CD $12.00)

ET-U13 The Master, the Mystic and The Muse - Eric Wheeler (Audio CD

ET-U14 Poet Glenis Redmond - Awaken (Audio CD $12.00) Buy Now!

ET-U16 Closing Nine Points Panel (Audio CD $12.00) BUY NOW
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